Little Mermaids is an all girls beach camp that meets every Saturday 9:30am to 12pm. The goal of this program is to get young girls comfortable with all types of water activities. We will go over ocean safety- what to do if you’re in a rip current, how to properly go under waves, and stingray safety. In addition, we will educate our girls on native California marine species and what they can do to help keep our oceans clean and animals safe. Ultimately, we want to give our girls the tools and confidence they need to become ocean minded mermaids. Each week we will surf, practice yoga, swim, create a new art project, and learn how to love & take care of our ocean. We understand every girl is different, therefore we do not pressure our girls to do any activities they are uncomfortable with. The purpose of this camp is to get girls stoked on all ocean activities by helping them build their confidence gradually both in and out of the water.

Cost is:  $60 per session or $200 for 4 sessions