(AGES 5-8)

Little Groms Summer Surf Camps 2021 will begin the first week of June and run until the first week of September.  The morning session goes from 9am-12pm and the afternoon session goes from 1pm to 4pm Monday thru Friday at Moonlight Beach.

We start each day at surf camp together as a group stretching, talking about the current ocean conditions and going over our daily lesson in ocean safety. After evaluating the current conditions and talking about ocean safety we head out for our first water session. During our water sessions we surf, swim, boogie board and bodysurf. We allow each student to go at their own pace during the water sessions and we never push them past their comfort level.  This helps them build their confidence gradually.  After our first water session we take a snack break so the kids can refuel and get a break from the sun.  After the snack break we run and play some high energy beach games and then get back into the ocean for our next water session. During our water sessions we emphasize the importance beach and water safety.  A few of our points of emphasis are:

Rip Currents- how they form and how to stay calm and swim out of them

Tides- how to identify high and low tides and how they create different ocean conditions

Sandbars- how they are created and how they affect wave conditions and the currents  

Stingrays- we teach the ‘stingray shuffle’ and how this helps to keep away stingrays


Cost for the camp:  $330 for the week.

Where to meet:  Both drop off and pick up is at Moonlight Beach.  

What to bring:  Must provide your own wetsuit.  Make sure and pack a snack and water each day along with a dry towel.  

We provide surfboards and boogie boards for the camps 


**Registration for 2021 Summer Surf Camps will begin on April 19th

 To see available weeks and to register online click here